When you think of bouldering in South Africa, you think of Rocklands and climbing classics like Shosholoza (8A+). But Cape Town (about 2-3 hours from Rocklands) has some of the most epic climbs available to the avid boulderer.

For instance, take the climb Simple Knowing (8B+). This climb was developed by Paul Robinson, (originally opened at 8C) who has spent quite a bit of time on the African content establishing climbs along with some local developers. Simple Knowing is one of the three 8B+ boulder problems to be found in Cape Town; one of the trifecta. The other 8B+ boulder problems are Mirta and Paranormal activity.

One of our founders, Rowan Toselli, recently sent Simple Knowing after putting in some hard effort over a couple of weekends. Here’s how he describes his experience climbing it:

“Simple Knowing is a beautiful climb! It’s on a perched block with one of the most incredible vistas”

(It’s true – watch the video! 😀 ).

“It consists of around 10 moves, which include slopers and edges. The crux is a massive movement to a small edge (around 4-6mm) that needs perfect timing. Once you latch onto the micro edge, I do a pogo kick and jump to a good two pad edge and then top out”

Climbing takes you to some beautiful places. We tried to capture that in our Be Bolder production and showcase the fight that it (usually) takes to send a hard project, relative to you. And most times, these frustrating climbs involve something inspiring too:

“I love gigantic movements on small edges and this boulder is the full package. The way Paul opened it is insane! I am still blown-away with his powerful sequence. He used a super hard toe-down as opposed to the new heel-toe-cam method that makes the climb somewhat easier.”

Great send, Rowan!


Be Bolder would like to dedicate our first production to Julia Chen (1985-2017), our dear friend and fellow climber.

Thank for your encouragement while we worked on and filmed this climb.