She is Something Fierce

She is Something Fierce

Video, Art Direction

She is Something Fierce is a short film that celebrates the strength, tenacity and boldness of female climber Zoe Duby. Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

When Rowan and I started Be Bolder, we envisioned ourselves as outdoor storytellers. While we endeavour to showcase everything climbing and travel, we also have a deeper desire to communicate some of the personal journeys we and others experience. Some time ago, we started chatting about a project that involved grappling with what climbing is to the increasing number of women joining the sport.

Personally, when I started climbing, I found it hard to get into. I didn’t have the right kind of muscles and it was frustrating. But the climbing community I joined had a wonderful group of women who inspired me to continue; to push myself and enjoy the process of working a climb. Being a female, as our climber Zoe Duby says, is no longer a limiting factor. So many women out there, like Paige Claassen, Ashima Shiraishi, and Margo Hayes to name but a few, are dominating and really achieving some incredible climbing feats.

This film is dedicated to showcasing Zoe’s climbing story. It is also dedicated to the community of women climbers in South Africa, who hold their own amongst the best, and continue to push the boundaries. Thank you for showing us that being a woman is an asset, not a hinderance, and for shining a new light on what strong means.

It has also been a dream of ours to enter our work into a film festival and so we have entered this film into to the #adventurefilmchallenge! Check out to see more inspiring stories.