‘Help me become a legend in rock climbing’

A story about Obert Makaza

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Obert found rock climbing through DreamHigher, an initiative that aims to help at-risk youth through climbing. Obert has been trying to get his legal documents – his ID, birth certificate and passport – for the last couple of years, but has not been able to as of yet. This has been a tough journey for our young friend, as it has barred him from getting access to crucial life opportunities like receiving educational certificates (for exams that he has passed) and jobs that will enable his independence. But it is through climbing with DreamHigher that Obert has learnt that patience, persistence, and hard work gets you to the top – so he’s ready to try again; he’s ready to go on his quest to attain his identity documents so that he can legitimize his life. But he needs your help! Please help Obert by donating to his campaign, sharing his story and supporting in whatever way you can.

You can learn more about his story here:

Crowdfunding details: www.givengain.com/cc/helpobert

DreamHigher: www.dreamhigher.co.za/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dreamhigher/

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